Who Does The English Voices In The Protector?

Is Leyla in Season 4 of the protector?

Mehmet Kurtulus – Mazhar.

Ayca Aysin Turan – Leyla..

Does RUYA die in the protector?

In the third season, Ruya seemed to have had enough of the Immortal life and takes the potion to become a mortal. She is killed later in the season. Heartbroken, Faysal joins up with Vizier to destroy Istanbul.

What does protector mean?

1a : one that protects : guardian. b : a device used to prevent injury : guard. 2a : one having the care of a kingdom during the king’s minority : regent.

What are the immortals in the protector?

The Protector is widely known in Turkey but less known abroad. It tells the story of Hakan, who is the last surviving member of a family that protects Istanbul from a group called the Immortals. Hakan is a young man working at the Grand Bazaar. … He is the protector of Istanbul and the Immortal is his archenemy.

Who does Zeynep end up with?

After Faysal was defeated and Hakan ensured Istanbul was safe from the Immortals once and for all, he and Zeynep started to live their lives as they wanted. Fans were happy Hakan and Zeynep ended up together, rejoicing that they were endgame as they had wished for.

Who is vezir in the protector?

The Vizier is revealed to be the leader of the seven immortals hellbent on taking over the city of Istanbul. The identity of the Vizier is kept tightly under wraps throughout season 3 of The Protector but, in the final episode, it’s revealed that they have been hiding in plain sight all along.

Is Leyla dead protector?

The original Protector is seen being murdered by an Immortal, who he had fallen in love with. This seemingly foreshadows what many fans predicted: that Leyla was resurrected, but as an Immortal. When we first see Leyla — very much alive — she is with Hakan at the hospital as Zeynep lies unconcious in the hospital.

Is Faysal Erdem The Immortal?

Hakan is convinced that Mazhar, Faysal Erdem’s chief of security, is the Immortal since he was the one after the talismanic shirt, and pretty much the perfect villain. … Hakan quickly discovers his boss and billionaire businessman, Faysal, is the real Immortal and had Mazhar working for him to find the Protector.

Does Zeynep die in Carpisma?

Cansiz has sneaked behind Zeynep and stabbed her, she collapses to the floor. Kadir and Veli rush her to the hospital but its too late, Zeynep is pronounced dead. … He then sobs asking why his loved ones die and he is still here.

Is Leyla in Season 3 of the protector?

In season 3, it is a no-brainer that Cagatay Ulusoy will be returning to reprise the lead character. … It’s confirmed that Ayça Ayşin Turan as Leyla Sancak is not appearing in season 3 as well. Other than that, Okan Yalabık and Mehmet Kurtuluş are all set to return with the addition of some new actors.

How many immortals are in the protector?

seven ImmortalsIt’s a task he’s not only unprepared for, but resists — will he fulfill his destiny as the last protector? Season 2: Hakan must now face not one, but all seven Immortals, with each of them determined to destroy Istanbul and the world itself.

Is Zeynep dead the protector?

Fast forward a few episodes, and in the season finale, Zeynep (Hazar Ergüçlü) was shot as she faced off against Faysal and his wife alongside Hakan. “Zeynep, stay with me. Hold on,” Hakan tells his friend in the final scene as Faysal gets away.

Is the protector done?

Don’t Expect A Fifth Season Of The Protector In Netflix’s recent announcement of The Protector’s fourth season, the streaming service billed its first original Turkish series’ latest installment like this: “The struggle is ending.

Do Hakan and Zeynep end up together?

In the final moments of the series, it is revealed that Hakan is back to working at his adoptive father’s shop. He also is reunited with Zeynep, and the two finally get a happy ending together after seasons of having a will-they-won’t-they romance.

What language is the protector filmed in?

TurkishThe Protector (Turkish TV series)The ProtectorCountry of originTurkeyOriginal languageTurkishNo. of seasons4No. of episodes32 (list of episodes)24 more rows