What Would You Do If Your Boyfriend Rather Play Video Games?

How do you balance video games with your relationship?

The basic rule for balancing your gaming with your relationship is to designate time with your companion and your video games.

Also you will need to ensure that you designate more time to your partner rather than the gaming, perhaps 60% of your time with your girlfriend, and 40% of your time on video games..

Can video games ruin relationships?

Research done at Brigham Young University concludes that marriages were impacted when one partner stayed up later than the other to play video games. They found that couples who did not go to bed together reported more marital issues.

How do I get my boyfriend to stop playing video games?

The first step is to sit down with him and tell him how you feel. If you don’t really think he is addicted tell him how his playing makes you feel neglected, or however it makes you feel. If you do think he is addicted, tell him why you think so. Try to reach a compromise.

Why you should date a gamer guy?

18 Reasons You Should Date A GamerHis mental skills are sharper than those of non-gamers. … His motor skills are sharper, too. … He thinks fast. … He can work under pressure. … He values time. … You know he can be focused. … He’s techie. … His time is spent with you, his family, and playing video games with his friends.More items…•

Are video games immature?

No, video games are merely just a form of fun. Like playing a board game with the family or playing tag. Those are ‘games’ and aren’t always considered ‘childish’ or ‘immature’.

How many hours of video games is too much for adults?

While there isn’t a consensus on how many hours of video games (and general screen time) is too much, the finding by Twenge and her colleagues that more than five hours per day is excessive seems reasonable.

What should I do if my boyfriend is always on his phone?

How To Get More Attention Than His PhoneTease him. Most people know they have a slight problem with phone addiction, so you may just need to joke about it to remind him he’s falling out of line. … Level with him. … Make some weekend plans in a remote locale. … Give him a dose of his own medicine. … Enchant him. … Leave him alone with his phone.

How do I know if my bf still loves me?

A sure sign that your boyfriend or husband may not love you anymore is if he is becoming less and less interested in the day-to-day happenings of your life. He’s no longer interested in knowing how your day was. He doesn’t inquire about your hobbies and interests. He starts making plans without involving you.

What do you do when your boyfriend plays video games too much?

Sit him down and tell him how it makes you feel and what you want him to do (go out and do something twice a week, a certain number of days where no games are played). Try not to set this too high- you want it to be an easily achievable bar, but also acceptable to you.

Should I be mad that my boyfriend plays video games?

Being mad that your significant other would rather play video games than spending time with you is not wrong. To him, you might seem pushy, but expressing your disdain to his attraction to video games over yourself is nothing to be ashamed of.

How many marriages end because of video games?

8% of Marriages End Up In Divorce Due to Gaming Addiction: The Latest Research in Texas.