Quick Answer: What Is The Best Time To Go Whale Watching?

Where can I go to see a blue whale?

The following are the world’s best places to watch blue whales in their natural habitat.Saguenay – St.

Lawrence Marine Park, Québec.

Reykjavík and Húsavík, Iceland.

Pico Island, Azores.

Monterey Bay, California.

Baja California Sur, Mexico.

Mirissa, Sri Lanka.

San Diego, California..

Can you see orcas in California?

Seeing whales in Southern California is usually tied to the annual migrations of the grays between Mexico and Alaska. However, it’s not out of the question to see orcas along the coast too. … “They’re not as common; we do get killer whale sightings but not as regular as Monterey Bay,” Schulman-Janiger said.

Can you swim with a whale?

Swimming with Whales is not a good idea. They are massive in size and its weight could easily crush you to death. It is just common sense to leave them alone. This mammal is best observed from a safe distance.

What is the best time of day to go whale watching?

10 answers. While it might seem trite, anytime is the best time to watch whales! If you are looking for the best scenic light for photography choose an sunrise, early morning or sunset whalewatch. The best overhead light is from 11 am – 3 pm, for beautiful blue waters.

Where is the best place to see whales?

Top Whale-Watching DestinationsSanta Barbara, California. … Monterey Bay, California. … Kodiak Island, Alaska. … San Juan Islands, Washington. … Vancouver Island, British Columbia. … Virginia Beach. … Long Island, New York. … Cape May, New Jersey.More items…

Are whales active at night?

Think about nocturnal animals and bats and owls probably come to mind. Most animals, humans included, are diurnal and on the go during the day. Killer whales, however, follow a diel cycle—they’re active both day and night.

When can you see whales in Depoe Bay?

Contrary to that popular belief, the best time to see whales here in Depoe Bay is June through September. This is when our resident whales have returned and taken up residence. As summer approaches we see more of our resident gray whales arrive. These resident whales are also known as the Pacific Coast Feeding Group.

How long is a whale watch?

between 2.5 to 3 hoursUsually a whale watching tour takes anywhere between 2.5 to 3 hours in order to navigate the ocean in search of different whale species. Depending on the type of whale, it may be necessary to navigate further out from shore to get the best opportunity to spot them based on their migration and feeding habits.

Where can I see whales in Southern California?

Here is our list of the top whale watching spots in Southern California.Point Loma in Cabrillo National Monument, San Diego.Sunset Cliffs Natural Park, San Diego.Ellen Browning Scripps Park, La Jolla.Bluffs above Blacks Beach, La Jolla.Bluffs in Torrey Pines State Beach.Seagrove Park above Del Mar Beach.More items…

Where are the GREY whales now?

Gray whales are found mainly in shallow coastal waters in the North Pacific Ocean. There are two geographic distributions of gray whales in the North Pacific: the eastern North Pacific stock, found along the west coast of North America, and the western North Pacific stock, found along the coast of eastern Asia.

What is the best time to go whale watching in Newport Beach?

Best Season for Whale Watching: Newport Beach May through November brings warmer waters and the opportunity to view blue whales. Throughout the year, you can observe dolphins, seals and some of nature’s most incredible mammals at play.

What is the best month for whale watching in California?

In Northern California, your best time to spot gray whales and orcas is December to May. For humpbacks, visit May through November, and for blue whales, the largest animal on Earth, plan your stay sometime between July and October.

Are whales more active in the morning or afternoon?

People always want to know if whale watching is better in the morning or the afternoon. To be completely honest there is really no ‘better time. ‘ As a general rule, the ocean is calmer in the mornings. However this is not always true!

Are Dolphins more active in the morning or afternoon?

FROM DAY TO NIGHT. Most dolphins are active during the 24 hours, both day and night although they are mainly active during the morning and afternoon.

Where is the best place to see humpback whales?

The following are the world’s best places to watch humpback whales in their natural habitat.Hermanus, Western Cape, South Africa. … Kaikoura, South Island, New Zealand. … Maui, Hawaii. … Marino Ballena National Park, Costa Rica. … Hervey Bay, Australia. … Tonga, Polynesia. … Silver Bank, Dominican Republic. … Réunion Island.More items…•