Quick Answer: What Do Joker And Harley Call Each Other?

What does Puddin mean Harley Quinn?

There isn’t an “origin” or explanation as to why Harley chose “puddin’” as a term of endearment for “Mistah J”, but she didn’t waste much time to call him that, as she did it right after letting all inmates escape from Arkham and presenting herself to the Joker in full Harley Quinn outfit..

Why did Harley Quinn go crazy?

It is stated the reason Harley pursued psychiatry was to understand her own broken family. The character’s origin story relates that Harleen Quinzel was once a psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum and was assigned to treat the Joker.

What nicknames does Joker call Harley?

He doesn’t really have a nickname for her like she does for him (Mister J, Puddin’). He’s called her “Harl”, “Harley-girl”, “Pumpkin Pie”, and “Pooh”.

What does Joker say to Harley Quinn?

Rather than resort to her signature cooing, Harley climbs onto the Joker’s table and says, “C’mon, Puddin’, don’t you want to rev up your Harley?” First of all, that’s quite the double entendre for a kid’s show.

What is a nickname for Harley?

Nicknames in Harley Davidson History: “Flying Freddie,” “Willie the Wino” and “The Georgia Peaches.” Nicknames are as much a part of the history of Harley Davidson as “Willy G” himself. And Harley riders today are replete with them.

Why does Harley call the Joker Puddin?

And why does Harley Quinn call the Joker “Puddin’?” The answer is easy: much like how they say in the Southern parts of America “Bless your Heart,” when Harley calls Joker “puddin’,” it’s her way of saying, “Easy, darling, easy.”

Is Joker abusive to Harley?

The Joker’s relationship with Harley Quinn has been abusive from the very beginning. The Clown Prince of Crime routinely lashed out at Quinn in Batman: The Animated Series, and he would continue his physical and mental torment of his right-hand woman in the follow-up series, The New Batman Adventures.

Did Harley Quinn kill the Joker?

It led to one of the most touching, tragic, and torturous stories Harley and Joker have ever enjoyed. … A story she has sadly ended it by putting a bullet in the Joker’s head.

What is the Harley Quinn and Joker movie called?

Suicide Squad (2016)Harley Quinn & The Joker – Last Scene – “Lets Go Home” – Suicide Squad (2016) Movie CLIP HD.