Quick Answer: What Animal Is Felix Lee?

How did Felix get into JYP?

In 2016 Felix and a friend came across one of JYP’s managers in Sydney, the manager handed them a business card and invited them to participate in the JYP Global Audition in Sydney in December 2016.

Unfortunately Felix’s friend missed out but Felix passed and went to Seoul to become a trainee..

How old is Yang Jeongin?

19 years (February 8, 2001)I.N/Age

What animal is Lee Felix?

koalaSo we all know that Woojin is a bear, Chan is a Kangaroo, Jisung is a squirrel, Felix is a koala, Seungmin is a puppy/snail and Jeongin is a fennec fox, but what animals are Minho, Changbin and Hyunjin??

What does Lee Felix like?

Stray Kids Full Profile | Felix: He loves rice cakes and he can’t eat super spicy food. Stray Kids (스트레이 키즈) is a 9-member South Korean boy group under JYP Entertainment. The group consists of Bang Chan, Woojin, Lee Know, Changbin, Hyunjin, Han, Felix, Seungmin, and I.N.

Is Lee Felix single?

Felix Girlfriend & Dating Currently, he is single and dating anyone. He is very focused on his career rather than getting in a relationship.

What is Lee Felix real name?

Lee Yong-bokLee Felix (Korean name Lee Yong-bok) is a Korean pop singer presently affiliated with the K-pop boy band ‘Stray Kids’. Known by the mononym Felix, he serves as their lead dancer and rapper.

Seungmin and Woojin are cousins.

What is Lee Felix favorite color?

black– Felix favorite color is black. – He loves rice cakes. – He can’t eat super spicy food.

Why did Felix and Minho get eliminated?

According to Allkpop, “Minho was eliminated by JYPark with no pressure of an audience and based on his inability to correct his mistakes. The focus is also different as it’s a group that Chan selected and not what JYPE did. There are trainees that have been at JYPE much longer than Minho that didn’t get a chance. “

How many years did Lee Felix train?

one yearHe underwent a training period of approximately one year before finally joining the survival show set up by JYP, Stray Kids. Lee Felix’s and Lee Know’s dreams of being able to debut as an idol ran aground due to being the trainees to be eliminated from the Stray Kids event.

Is Felix Lee Korean?

The performer was born Felix Lee Yong-bok to Korean immigrant parents in Sydney, Australia, in 2000. … Felix left Australia to follow his dream of being a K-pop star and moved to South Korea despite only knowing very basic Korean.