Quick Answer: Is It Expensive In Hong Kong?

How much does a meal cost in Hong Kong?

While meal prices in Hong Kong can vary, the average cost of food in Hong Kong is HK$205 per day.

Based on the spending habits of previous travelers, when dining out an average meal in Hong Kong should cost around HK$82 per person.

Breakfast prices are usually a little cheaper than lunch or dinner..

Can I use US dollars in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong Dollar is the legal tender. You can freely exchange your USD to HKD in most banks and exchange kiosks and the exchange rates are quite competitive.

What is the drinking age in Hong Kong?

18Since 2000, Hong Kong has put in place a liquor licensing system, as laid down in the Dutiable Commodities (Liquor) Regulations (Cap. 109B), under which no licensee shall permit any persons under the age of 18 to drink any intoxicating liquor on any licensed premises such as bars, restaurants and clubs.

Can you drink alcohol in Hong Kong?

Like most countries around the world, Hong Kong has a minimum legal age of purchasing alcohol. In this city, that age is 18. This rule is enforced by the Dutiable Commodities (Amendment) Ordinance 2018 (Cap. … It is no secret that underaged drinking has been an issue that the city has grappled with for a long period.

What beer do they drink in Hong Kong?

Currently the best selling beer is San Miguel, brewed by San Miguel Brewery Hong Kong. San Miguel had been brewed in Sham Tseng since 1948 and later moved to Yuen Long until 2007. The brewery was reopened in 2009. Carlsberg was also brewed in Tai Po since the 1980s until recently.

How much is a beer in Hong Kong?

Beer cost depends on where you are buying it. At supermarkets and convenient stores, it can be anything from less than $10 to $20 (depends on the brand). At local bars, a bottle probably costs $20-$40. Restaurants, depending on the tier, can be $20 to $50.

How much is a Coke in Hong Kong?

Cost of LivingItemsHK dollars (Approx.)A can of Coke, from convenience store (e.g. 7-11 or OK):$9.00A set meal (main dish, rice, and drink) at an average local café (Cha Chaan Teng):$50.00-80.00A Starbucks medium size Cappuccino$36.00A movie ticket (without 3D effect)$50.00-130.003 more rows

Is Hong Kong safe to travel right now?

Hong Kong – Level 3: Reconsider Travel. Reconsider travel to the People’s Republic of China (PRC), including the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR), due to arbitrary enforcement of local laws. Exercise increased caution in the Hong Kong SAR due to COVID-19.

Is Hong Kong more expensive than London?

London is the 19th most expensive city Hong Kong has come top in a survey of the most expensive cities for expatriates.

Is Hong Kong cheap to visit now?

Hong Kong is a very inexpensive destination certainly far cheaper than London, Dublin and most other western European cities. Alcohol is a bit expensive but not a lot and accommodation in terms of what you pay and what you get for your money is far better value than Europe.

Is alcohol expensive in Hong Kong?

Basically they haven’t gone up in price as other imported food has done. … There are not many ‘bottle shops’ but plenty of supermarkets which usually have an aisle of wine. Cheapest is around HK$35 a bottle and you can get drinkable stuff for around HK$60-100.

How much is a cup of coffee in Hong Kong?

Coffee at normal tea houses or cha chang ting around Hk $20. HK isn’t the most expensive by far. NYC, London, anywhere in Switzerland, and even Paris all have much higher costs. If you go to proper cafes, the cup of coffee can cost $30 to $40.

How much is a Big Mac in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong – $2.48 In addition to their graphically pleasing burger box, Hong Kong sells the Big Mac for $2.56 less than United States.

What should I buy in Hong Kong?

The Best Things to Buy in Hong KongTo buy designer clothes in Hong Kong.Tailor-made clothes.Comestic.Hong Kong is a good place to buy e-products.Hong Kong is an ideal place to buy jewelry.Hong Kong pastries.

Is Hong Kong Street Food Safe?

Generally, you’re safe eating anywhere in Hong Kong, even at roadside food stalls.