Quick Answer: Does Katherine Really Love Elijah?

Does Stefan cheat on Elena?

Yes, she did develop feelings for Damon while Stefan was off with Klaus but she in the end, picked to “say goodbye” to Stefan.

Yes, Elena was unfaithful and disrespectful towards Stefan.

Elena kissed Damon at the end of Season 2, when her and Stefan were STILL TOGETHER.

No matter what that meant, it’s cheating..

Who does Stefan really love?

Elena GilbertStefan’s arguably most popular and original pairing in the show is his epic romance with Elena Gilbert. Stefan and Elena fall in love with each other early in the series. The Stelena ship sailed until Season 4 when she dumped him for Damon after becoming a vampire.

Why does Katherine hate Elena?

When Katherine first came back to Mystic Falls in 2010, she was jealous of Elena for earning the affections of both Stefan and Damon, as she had also had relationships with both brothers in the past and, while she never truly loved Damon, she was still in love with Stefan.

Did Stefan really love Elena?

while Katherene did love Stefan, Elena completely fell only and only for Damon. … Elena-Stefan relationship never had the passion of a romantic relationship and she thought she loved him because she felt safe with him after her parents death as he cannot die.

Does Stefan end up with Katherine?

Stefan promised Katherine he would kill her back in the second season premiere, and here in the series finale, he finally makes good on his promise. “Burn in Hell,” he tells her, before he throws out a “goodbye, brother” to Damon. And with that, Stefan Salvatore’s life officially comes to an end.

Does Katherine really love Elijah?

During the events of The Vampire Diaries, the two were in a romantic relationship until Elijah chose move to New Orleans with his brother to reclaim a home they once lost. They are still shown to still be in love with each other even though Katherine refused to give it another shot at their relationship.

Does Damon love Katherine or Elena?

20 Damon Loved Katherine For 145 Years & She Never Loved Him Back, But Elena… Damon loved Katherine, the vampire temptress who actually turned him into a vampire. But she never loved him back because she was too busy pining over Stefan. Coincidentally, she turned he and Damon into vampires at the same time.

Why did Stefan leave Elena?

Elena left Stefan for a few reasons: Becoming a vampire changed Elena. She felt more connected with Damon and felt he could understand her better. … She liked Damon anyways, she just felt in the moment (before she was run off a bridge) that she loved Stefan more.

Does Caroline and Stefan have a baby?

While Caroline couldn’t conceive a child, she was able to carry one – in this case two – once they were in the womb. During a three year flash-forward on season 7’s “Best Served Cold,” viewers learned Caroline and Alaric were living together in Dallas, raising twin girls.

Did Damon really kill Elena?

Elena was ALIVE! Damon had been hallucinating, and he actually didn’t burn her body. She was still resting peacefully in her coffin in New York. Damon called Stefan and told him the good news.

Does Stefan ever forgive Elena?

After his return to Mystic Falls, Klaus compels Stefan to turn off his humanity and make sure no harm comes to Elena. So, although Stefan protects her, he also treats Elena like dirt. Once Stefan finally gets his humanity back, instead of apologizing and reuniting with Elena, he becomes obsessed with ending Klaus.

Who does Katherine really love?

Sexual, Dated; Former Enemies/Allies, Friends/Frenemies; Katherine always chose Stefan over Damon (even though she loved both Salvatore brothers), Stefan believed Katherine deserves peace and sympathized with her, Stefan had lingering feelings for Katherine, Stefan was Katherine’s one true love, Katherine was still in …