Question: What Is The Homelanders Weakness?

Can Homelander be killed?

It’s all very disturbing and gruesome.

As it turns out, the only reason Black Noir is able to kill Homelander is because he’s his clone.

Developed by Vought to spy on The Seven’s leader, Black Noir is basically the company’s secret weapon to ensure that Homelander can be killed, should he step too far out of line..

How do they kill Homelander?

The two start a vicious fight, and Black Noir is the one to come out winning. He murders The Homelander on the spot, letting him bleed out in The Oval Office.

Is Black Noir a Homelander?

Black Noir is the clone of The Homelander, and was created by Vought-American with refined Compound-V. … Black Noir then became a major member of the Seven, with no one on the team knowing who he was, or where he came from.

Does Homelander have a weakness?

But like Superman, Homelander has a weakness. For the DC superhero, it’s Kryptonite, the radioactive rock from his homeworld, while for Homelander, it’s something less substantial. In fact, it’s more of a concept — one that’s used to great effect against him in the season finale.

What is Black Noir’s weakness?

Weaknesses. Tree Nuts: Black Noir has an allergy to tree nuts. Queen Maeve uses this to her advantage by force feeding him an Almond Joy, giving her and Starlight an opportunity to escape. When fed something with tree nuts, he immediately goes into anaphylactic shock and requires a epipen shot to stabilize himself.

Is Black Noir dead?

“Noir comes pretty close to death,” Mitchell says. “He’s essentially incapacitated. He’s not dead and hopefully, he will come back before most think he will. But it definitely isn’t something to be taken lightly.”

Did Homelander eat a baby?

Spoiler alert from comics: It’s not Homelander who eat babies, that’s actually Black Noir. Black Noir is a clone of Homelander with the sole purpose of killing Homelander in case he goes out of control. However, days passed by but Black Noir does not get his order to kill Homelander.

Can Homelander beat Thanos?

There’s no basis for Homelander beating Thanos at all.

Can a nuke kill Homelander?

If they want us to specifically know that Homelander can survive a nuke, they can just say “Not even a nuke could hurt him”. And although it’s a different continuity, it’s worth mentioning that comic Homelander would absolutely die to a nuke, it was basically his leash. It’s not questionable.

Will Hughie get powers?

Comics. In the comics, Hughie joins the Boys after his girlfriend, Robin is accidentally killed by A-Train during a superhero brawl. Billy injects Hughie with Compound V during their mission, giving Hughie superhero powers but angering him nonetheless. He received superhuman strength and durability.

Who all died in boys?

Lamplighter.Stan Edgar.Becca Butcher.Ryan Butcher.Translucent.Madelyn Stillwell.Grace Mallory.Susan Raynor.More items…

Can black noir speak?

For the time being, Black Noir is one of the most intriguing characters because he does not speak. It’s increasingly clear that this silent beast’s actions will scream louder than his voice could ever do.

Who can defeat Homelander?

8 Can Beat: Hawkeye He is one of the more vulnerable members of the Avengers against Homelander. Aside from his skills in archery and acrobatics, Hawkeye does not have any super powers. Also, his bow and arrow will not harm Homelander.

Is black noir Batman?

The Boys’ Black Noir: Why He Is and Isn’t Batman In some ways, Black Noir definitely fills the Batman archetype on The Boys. If the Seven are basically this universe’s Justice League, Homelander is Superman, Queen Maeve is Wonder Woman and Black Noir is Batman. He’s a hero who settles problems by punching them.

Is Black Noir strong?

Black Noir is an expert fighter with all the bonuses of being a superhero. His superhuman strength allowed him to disembowel Kimiko in season 1 and overpower Starlight in season 2. … For as powerful as Black Noir is, this nut allergy is ultimately what brought him down in The Boys season 2.