Question: How Often Must An EHC Be Reviewed?

How long should an EHC assessment by the local authority take?

20 weeksFrom requesting a EHC assessment to the issuing of a final EHC plan should take no longer than 20 weeks..

Do you need a diagnosis for an Ehcp?

There is no need to have a diagnosis prior to starting the EHCP process. Support is dependent on need not on diagnosis. … But for the vast majority of students the difference a diagnosis will make to the level of support they are entitled to via an EHCP will be negligible.

What are the 5 stages of an Ehcp?

It consists of five, usually discrete stages: with ‘referral’ leading to ‘consideration of whether assessment was necessary’, and then to ‘co-ordinated assessment’, ‘planning’ and ‘sign off’.

What happens when a local authority decides not to issue an EHC plan following assessment?

If, following assessment, the Local Authority decides that an EHC plan is not necessary, it must inform the parents or young person, the current education provider and the health service, and give the reasons for its decision.

When a child is under 5 the EHC plan is reviewed?

For a child under 5, the EHC Plan should be reviewed at least every three to six months to ensure that the provision continues to be appropriate. Depending on individual circumstances, reviews at this frequency may be streamlined and not necessarily require the attendance of the full range of professionals.

How often should an Ehcp be reviewed?

every 3 to 6 monthsThe law requires all Education, Health and Care Plans are reviewed by the LA at least annually. This is usually referred to as the Annual Review. The exception to this is in Early Years, where EHCPs should be reviewed every 3 to 6 months (CoP 9.178).

How often should an EHC plan for children under 5 be reviewed?

The review of your child’s EHC plan must be: at least once a year if your child is over 5 years old, or. every 6 months if your child is under 5 years old.

How long does an EHC plan last?

Young people aged 25 If your young person is still supported with an EHCP on their 25th birthday, their EHCP should not finish until the end of the academic year in which they turn 25.

What does an Ehcp entitle you to?

If after assessment the local authority feels they require additional support, an EHCP will be prepared to help provide the support needed. Following the creation of an EHCP, a child is entitled to: … Details of what help the child will get in school. Personal budget arrangements for the child.

At what stage should an EHC assessment be requested?

For children under 16, the parent makes the request. This includes children from age 0 to 5, where parents should make a request if they believe that the child will need extra help at nursery or when they start school. In the case of a young person (over 16 and up to 25), they can make the request themselves.

Do schools get extra funding for SEN?

Schools are provided with additional money to provide support for children with SEN, this is called their delegated budget. … There are 2 stages of support for meeting the needs of children with SEN: Additional SEN Support and an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP).

What are the benefits of an EHC plan?

Extra help. An education, health and care ( EHC ) plan is for children and young people aged up to 25 who need more support than is available through special educational needs support. EHC plans identify educational, health and social needs and set out the additional support to meet those needs.

Can a school refuse a child with an Ehcp?

Over the past few weeks, a number of parents have asked whether a school can refuse to be named on an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP). … Effectively this means that local authorities can direct all schools to admit a child with an EHCP.

How long does an Ehcp review take?

The annual review is the statutory process of looking at the needs and provision specified in an EHC Plan, and deciding whether these need to change. The first review of the EHC plan must be held within 12 months of the EHC plan being finalised. Subsequent reviews must be held within 12 months of the previous review.

How long should an Ehcp take?

The local authority must complete the assessment within 16 weeks and, if it decides to issue an EHCP, do so within 20 weeks of the original request. See our factsheet The EHC needs assessment for more information.